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Here's all the extra stuff that...basically, didn't fit into any other page of the site! There are even more bonus features on my Yahoo newsletter group: things like pictures of characters, deleted scenes from my books, and bonus excerpts not available anywhere else.


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Cat has been interviewed a time or two about the general fabulousness of her life. She also occasionally writes articles as part of her ongoing philanthropy campaign, and occasionally pens a review. How can one person be so nice, and so talented, all at the same time?

Don't forget to check out the current issue of Cat's newsletter, containing author interviews, book reviews and a whole load of crazy crap. Older issues are archived in the Yahoo group.


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If you'd like to interview Cat on your blog or website, ask nicely.


If You're Going To Sing, There'd Better Be A Damn Good Reason: more things I've learned from Joss Whedon, August 2008

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Movie Reviews

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest



Stuff that doesn't even fit in the other categories on this page of miscellany.

If you're a member of my newsletter group, you can access even more bonus features (just like on a DVD!), like pictures of characters, excerpts from unpublished books, and even deleted scenes. It's free and easy to join, and it's a low-volume newsletter group.

Emma Howard's Twitter feed

Book trailers on YouTube

Q&A with Aura, heroine of Baby Sham Faery Love

Laura Kincaid: the meme (heroine of Naked Eyes)

Paranormal Mates Society from the 2006 Changeling Valentines series. Yes, there really is a PMS website!

Glossary of the Realms (Almost Human 'verse)

Which Sundown character are you?


Have a question for Cat that's not answered here? Email, and maybe she'll put it on the site!


When will your titles be going into print?

Good news! I can tell you that Sundown, Inc., a collection of the first four novellas in the Sundown series, has been published in paperback format. It's available from online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In fact: check your local bookstore, and if you see it on a shelf, email me!

My Ellora's Cave title, Almost Human, is now finally in print. It has a brand new cover; just in case you don't recognise it, here it is. You can buy Almost Human from most US stores (there's a list on the Novels page), but I'm having real trouble finding it in stock anywhere else. If you find it, please let me know!

I also have novellas and short stories in two multi-author series from Changeling Press: Room Service in ESCAPE! , and Playing With Matches in Paranormal Mates Society Vol. III.


What about Kindle?

Little by little, my books are becoming available on Kindle! Unfortunately it's not something I have control over, or they'd all be there immediately. To see what's available, check here. Don't forget that you can read Mobipocket format files on a Kindle, so long as they are DRM (digital rights management) free. Buy them from a trusted source (such as Fictionwise, AllRomance Ebooks, or direct from the publisher), and they will be.

How many of the places you mention in your books are real?

Most of them. The Sundown books are mostly based in real places, like the offices in Marylebone, London, or Central Park in New York. I made up the village of Blackchapel for What Wizards Want, but I based it on seaside villages on the east coast that I've been to a lot. The same goes for Turnbury, although most English seaside villages don't have such a high murder rate!

Of course, this is excluding the Spaceport world which came from the collective brains of the Changeling authors involved, and Almost Human, where I clearly made up the Realms! But even then I based them at least partly on real countries, cities, or sometimes even continents. There's a glossary of them here.

Why did you start calling the fifth through eighth books in the Sundown series Sundown International? The others were pretty international too. Why did the name change again for the ninth through twelfth?

Changeling Press likes to put books of four novellas together as a collection. It stops the series going on and rambling, and also means that you've got 80-100k words to put in a paperback. So, the first four were linked as Sundown, Inc., then Sundown International for the next four, and then Sundown Investigations.

Will there be any more Sundown books?

I don't have any plans for them at the moment, but I'd never say never.

How come the characters in your fantasy universe talk like modern people?

When I first started writing fantasy I used to get rejection letters that told me fantasy books should have a different tone, and mine was far too modern. This still puzzles me, because I'm not sure those publishers really understood the word 'fantasy' in all its meanings. I figure that since I've invented the whole universe, my characters can talk how the hell they like.

Did you and Amelia Elias really come up with the Naked Series while drunk on a plane?

Yes. Yes, we did.

Why did the Naked Series get cancelled?

Possibly because it's an idea we came up with while drunk on a plane. In all seriousness, we actually planned out the series to at least half a dozen books, and had long-running plot threads (the villains were going to be great), but despite some really nice reviews and a lot of promotional work, hardly anyone bought Naked Eyes. By the way, thanks to the people who did: I hope you both enjoyed it. As a result, we decided not to write any more and focus on books people might actually buy. No one's sorrier than me: I was going to write about invisible people and everything!

Other authors sometimes mention soundtracking their books: do you ever do this?

Only all the time! Some of my books have a single theme tune, some have character themes, some have songs soundtracking different scenes. A quick sampling would be:

She Who Dares: Honeycomb Child, Natalie Imbruglia. A very haunting, eerie song that I used especially when writing the dream scene.

What Wizards Want: I Was Only Dreamin', Bryan Adams. Another dream sequence song. Huh--well, I likes me dreams.

Baby Sham Faery Love: No song in particular, but the bonkers, high energy Love Angel Music Baby album from Gwen Stefani sets the mood for me. Lent me a title, too.

Almost Human: The Chain, Fleetwood Mac. The first part, not the famous Formula One part. Although that's cool, too.

Duty and the Beast: Fill My Little World, The Feeling. Quite a sweet little song from a rather adorable band. Cheers me up no end, rather like Finn.

Unholy Trinity: Secretly, Skunk Anansie. It's dark, it's despairing, it's angry--and it's sexy, too. Quite the perfect fit for the middle scenes with Jamie.

East Side Story: East Side Story, Bryan Adams. Okay, and a little bit of the West Side Story soundtrack, too. I do love me some Bernstein!

Empire: After The Fall: Time Is Running Out, Muse. Dark, sexy and kind of disturbing, which is pretty much the feel I was going for with Empire.

Hardest of Hearts: Pretty much the entire Lungs album by Florence & The Machine, but especially Howl, which is fast and mad and sexy and dark and scary.

How long did it take you to get published? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

How long? Well, I figured out I wanted to write when I was about 16, and got published when I was 23, so that's seven years. I probably sent off my first submissions when I was about 19 or 20, spent a couple of years being repeatedly rejected and alternately working crummy part time jobs and being very broke, and very nearly gave up several times to get a proper job where I wasn't putting my heart and soul out into the world and getting crushed all the time. I had a back catalogue of about fifty finished and part-written books by the time I sold my first novella.

My advice if you want to write is just this: be really sure you want to, and then just do it. Writing for a living is not done by sane people. Don't for a second get swayed by all those overnight success stories, and don't expect to live off your writing--most authors I know still have day jobs or a family to support them financially while they frantically try to squeeze in 100,000 words a year in between family and work obligations (because while Margaret Mitchell may have taken 10 years to write her masterpiece, a modern publisher is going to want a book a year from you, or more).

Writing is damn easy if you have the talent for it: words just pour onto the page and you can't imagine what it's like to not have the voices in your head. But getting published, that's the hard part. It takes a long time, you'll get knocked down repeatedly and with varying degrees of severity. But if you give up, you'll never get published. Persist, try, and mentally compose fantastic award acceptance speeches where you laugh at all the editors silly enough to have turned you down.

Oops, I may have put you off. If you really want to write and you've accepted that the path to publication isn't easy, then good luck, and I sincerely wish you the very best. Tell me when you sell your first book, and we'll compare rejection piles together! (unless you don't have one, in which case go away.)

If you're interested in writing for any of my publishers, their submission guidelines are here: Changeling Press (erotic novellas) Ellora's Cave (Romantica™ of all lengths) Samhain Publishing (all genres of romance). Unfortunately I don't have the time to read submissions, but I'd highly recommend joining an author support group like the RWA or RNA and looking for a critique partner or group.

Glossary of the Realms in Almost Human

The Wall Separates the Realms. A shining violet curtain that can’t be penetrated, apart from by faeries, or by humans under heavy enchantment, and then only at a weak place known as a Bridge


Realm of Euskara

Galatea Romantic, aristocratic country where the Association is based

Paseilles Capital of Galatea

Severeges Galatean coastal town

Iberia Hot, sensual country to the west of Galatea

Colacochea Iberian town at the foot of the mountains

Basque Kelfish tribe living in the Iberian/Galatean mountains

Dacia Northern country


Realm of Peneggan

Port Jaret Southern port; city closest to Koskwim

Koskwim Island by the Wall on the south coast, home of the Order. Believed by most of the population to be inhabited only by dangerous dragons. Site of the Second Bridge

Peneggan City Capital of Peneggan

Elvyrn Second city, famously genteel

Srheged Northern city

Second Bridge to Asiatica

Third Bridge to Euskara

Fourth Bridge to Angeland

Sixth Bridge to Zemlya


Realm of Zemlya

Vaznafjörður River port closest to the Sixth Bridge

Tir na nÓg Castle fortress; home of the Empress

Saoirsefjord Capital city; near to the Fifth Bridge

Fifth Bridge to Angeland

Sixth Bridge to Peneggan


Realm of Angeland

Lorekdell City on the River Lorek

Fifth Bridge to Zemlya

Fourth Bridge to Peneggan


Glossary of peoples

Kelfs Small, elf-like people with brightly coloured skin, who live in tribes in the wild, or as servants in all Realms except Peneggan

Nasc Twin-natured people who have a human form and an animal form, and can be either in two separate forms or one combined

Faeries Tiny winged beings. Only creatures able to cross the Wall. Can be controlled by stealing their amulets



The Order Based on the island of Koskwim, Peneggan, the secretive Order takes in orphans and young volunteers and trains them as Knights– a military elite. Standard rank is the Dragon, advanced rank is the Phoenix

The Association A collective of highly desirable women, known as Associées, for hire as male companions. Trainees begin as Fillies and can rise to the rank of a Lady. Based in Paseilles, Galatea, in the Realm of Euskara

The Federacion Mysterious rival for the Order. Based in Iberia, Euskara


Map of the Realm of Peneggan, from the Realms series. Click to enlarge.

Pennegan Map


MB&D cover


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Dreaming of You

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